How to Blitz The Job World – 5 Simple Steps

How many Millennials know about walking into a business, speaking to a receptionist and handing in a resume?

Probably not many, and as a result the starting point to any job search can seem more than daunting. I’d like to share some ideas I’ve collected on how to use our social media playground to create opportunities to land our dream jobs.

1. Upload your resume to recruiting sites like and create profiles on corporate websites. 
Shock and awe your Gen X employers/recruiters by appearing everywhere they look. Use carefully chosen keywords that describe not only your dream position but you as well. Most companies will have a careers section on their website that they will comb through first when searching for recruits. You want to be found among that first group, so upload an application package. Many companies also offer you the ability to opt-in to a program that notifies you when a position in your field opens up.

2. LinkedIn – Be Bold! (This isn’t your typical LinkedIn Advice)
If you’ve already crossed the frontier of setting up a successful LinkedIn profile, and you’re still not getting the interview, try this. Join several LinkedIn groups in your field. Once you’ve joined these groups, you will have the ability to Connect with people outside of your immediate network (aka Job Posters).

Be careful, a recruiter could love this or hate it. If you’re applying for a job that is either social or technical by nature, I think it is safe to say that the recruiter will be impressed by your use of online media. If any recruiters reading this disagree, please let me know in the comments below.

3. Use your Twitter Network
It is well known that almost every company has some form of Twitter presence. Often, hiring managers and HR teams will be involved in the companies Twitter presence. Even if they just follow their company, engaging with them on this channel or their brand can get you noticed.

4. Use your REAL LIFE (it exists, I promise) Network
Reach out to old friends/acquaintances and use your already established network to your advantage. You may not know it yet, but that girl you shared a locker with in tenth grade might have pursued a career in HR management, and might now be a recruiter for the job you want. Why not send her a message to meet up with you for a coffee? If nothing else, at least you’ll get to see an old friend.

5. No witty subheading because this is quite possibly the easiest and most effective networking you could ever do
Have a hiring manager read your resume and tell you what they think. Don’t know one? There is no better way to make a connection then to ask someone for an informational interview. If you feel uncomfortable about just going to talk to someone, tell them you’re writing an editorial piece for a friend’s blog and send me your notes. I’ll post it.


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