Freebie for Employers: Motivating Millennials

If you’re reading this please make sure you’re sitting down. I’m about to share with you something that is going to shock you and change your entire perspective on life. Are you ready? Okay, here it is… 

There seems to be a disconnect between generations. 

While this fact may not have quenched your insatiable thirst for sensational news, it’s incredibly important to recognize the difference in generations when it comes to motivation. As a Millennial what motivates me isn’t necessarily dollars. All that I want is an admirable job title that comes with responsibilities I can be proud of, in a lucrative and exciting field. What wakes me up in the morning is the idea that I’m working hard now to enjoy the benefits later. I mean, a paycheck that takes care of the bills while sustaining my appetite for trendy and organic food is nice – but it isn’t what keeps me excited about what I’m doing.

Whenever I’m given a new responsibility at work the polarity of reactions between those I tell are astounding. Other Millennials want to know what experience I’ll be getting, while Gen Xers (Like my parents) immediately ask about a salary increase.

My point is this, and it’s simple: employers if you’re listening, you can motivate us by empowering us. That’s it. We’re an entire generation that is either unemployed or underemployed. We’re trying to please you and you can benefit from it.

No price tag attached.


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