An interesting perspective … lazy vs. “apathetic”?

While this may be a broad generalization of the generational cohort … it is still a very interesting and brief view on the subject…

Generation Y

Gen Y – Apathetic vs Lazy?


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How to Blitz The Job World – 5 Simple Steps

How many Millennials know about walking into a business, speaking to a receptionist and handing in a resume?

Probably not many, and as a result the starting point to any job search can seem more than daunting. I’d like to share some ideas I’ve collected on how to use our social media playground to create opportunities to land our dream jobs.

1. Upload your resume to recruiting sites like and create profiles on corporate websites.  Continue reading

The Social Media Box


Every Millennial with a communications, PR or Marketing background knows the article “11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media“. If you don’t, head over to read it (I’ll wait).

Now that we’re on the same page, literally, let’s discuss. There is some merit to this incredibly generalized and offensive article. Continue reading


Freebie for Employers: Motivating Millennials

If you’re reading this please make sure you’re sitting down. I’m about to share with you something that is going to shock you and change your entire perspective on life. Are you ready? Okay, here it is…  Continue reading


The First Post – Brief and Fleeting Brilliance

While attempting to establish yourself as a young twenty-something marketer, one of the questions you’re asked most often is, “can you write?”. In a world where content is king (and sweeping statements like “in a world” mean nothing), its difficult to have your voice heard.

I attended a Social Media Breakfast gathering in Waterloo, Ontario one morning, where I heard Josh Muirhead (Current Senior Account Manager at Edleman) quote – “Be Brief, Be Brilliant, Be gone”. This message has stuck with me through the years (ok, the last 2 of my 3 years of marketing experience #millenialproblems) until now and is always present in the work that I do.

I can’t promise I’ll be brilliant, but I can guarantee that all posts with one underlying message will always be brief. This way messages can be absorbed and then discarded, hopefully to stick with you for years to come, as this one simple phrase has stuck with me.